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More Macro Election Takeaways

By my count Democrats have won 40 out of 63 races in the New York State Senate, giving them a secure majority. This will change significantly the political dynamic in the New York State legislature going forward, to say the least.

Here is State & Broadway's post-election analysis.

And some interesting takeaways and general trends from the election:

Going into the election, Republicans controlled both chambers of the legislature in 32 states, and Democrats controlled 14 chambers.

After the election, Republicans will fully control 30 state legislatures, and Democrats will control 18, an increase of four. The last time that this divide was so stark was in 1914.

Republicans will control 26 governorships; the Democrats 23 (with Georgia still undecided).

12 states will have a governor of one party and a legislature controlled by the other party.

Democrats were not able to flip statehouses in key Midwestern states where President Trump won in 2016 (Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio).

There are 7,383 state house and senate seats in the United States; 6,069 were up for election this year.

The Democrats flipped around 320 seats, or 5%.

The ActBlue fundraising platform raised almost $1.3 billion in small contributions for democratic races across the country.

Only 33% of progressive Democratic primary candidates endorsed by the left-wing campaign group Our Revolution won.

86% of Democratic primary candidates endorsed by the moderate New Democratic Coalition won.

In New York State, 45.6% of registered voters cast ballots, an increase over the 33.2% who voted in 2014, but less than the 62.5% who came out in the 2016 presidential race.

In January there will be the first (two) Muslim women to serve in Congress, and the first Native American woman.

At least 100 women in total will serve in the next US House of Representatives.

The US Senate is increasing becoming dominated by rural, conservative Republicans while the House is falling under control of urban, progressive/moderate Democrats.

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