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Development in a Time of Covid-19: Moving Your Municipal Application Forward

Given the declared state of emergency in New York, “non-essential” construction projects are on hold. However, essential construction projects that still require municipal approvals, and non-essential projects that are merely seeking approvals at this time (with an eye towards beginning construction when the state of emergency is lifted) may proceed, if a municipality has the capacity and methods to process such applications, while employing social distancing guidelines.

Per Executive Order 201.1 (03/12/20), municipal boards are now permitted to conduct their public meetings via video conference or call, pursuant to certain protocols designed to afford an applicant due process and the public a fair opportunity to be heard. In other words, your land use projects can move forward.

Certain municipalities have already begun using remote methods to process land use applications, including the City of New York. If you have an application pending in such a municipality, Willett Public Affairs can help you virtually advance that application while remotely advocating for all necessary approvals – we can help you adapt to these rapidly changing times by using advanced technologies and creative advocacy skills.

Contact Willett Public Affairs President Perry M. Ochacher at 914-319-9173 if we can assist you in advancing your land use development project during this unprecedented and challenging time.

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