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NYS Impending Medicaid Budget Cuts for the Long-Term Care Sector Drives Specialist Collaboration

Updated: Jun 6


New York State’s Impending Medicaid Budget Cuts for the Long-Term Care Sector Drives Specialist Collaboration

Consultancies team up to advise administrators and providers of managed long term care plans

NEW YORK, NY, December 22, 2021 – Willett Public Affairs (Willett), a leading lobby and public affairs consultancy with a strong healthcare portfolio, and ANSEGA Health Solutions (ANSEGA), a consultancy specializing in healthcare policy and solution development for payers and providers, have formed a strategic alliance to advise New York State’s long-term care sector on how to address impending state budget challenges and other unresolved issues impacting managed long term care plan (MLTC) administrators and long-term care providers.

The core driver behind the alliance is New York State’s 2022 budget process and the potential for Medicaid budget cuts due to dramatic changes in healthcare caused by COVID. Both parties want to prepare the long-term care sector for this budgetary scenario. Any type of fiscal cut will have direct implications for MLTC plans and service delivery. Historically, MLTC plans and long-term care providers have struggled in New York State with inadequate rates and burdensome oversight imposed by state regulators, making operating in the long-term field very challenging. Past budgets have proposed cuts to long-term care plans resulting in providers and plans reducing services, compromising on quality of care, and/or limiting consumer choice. In addition, many long-term care payers and providers have struggled with inadequate reimbursement for services, driving significant industry consolidation.

“Our alliance will help clients aggressively challenge the State’s 2022 budget planning process. MLTC plans and long-term providers should not have to struggle with inadequate investment by the State. They must be able to effectively support their members’ needs and guarantee they can remain safe in the community,” said Matt Lesieur, senior vice-president at Willett Public Affairs. “In addition, the State constantly adds new regulations which increases the complexity of services being offered. We aim to work with plans and providers to find ways to address state budget challenges and get legislative leaders to see the value in supporting the industry. Ultimately, we want to ensure that clients have some say in the decisions made in Albany.”

Andrew Segal, CEO of ANSEGA and the former Director of the Division of Long-Term Care at the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Health Insurance Programs adds, “For the long-term care and MLTC sector, 2022 is a particularly significant year for advocacy and guidance given the State’s infusion of federal dollars to support Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. Plan administrators and executives will require strategic policy guidance to take advantage of the State Spending Proposals, emerging State budget bills, and address the resulting fiscal impact on their plans. We are well positioned to provide these insights. Irrespective of the budget outcome, MLTC plans will still require consulting on innovative solution development, comprehensive State surveillance, and actionable recommendations to mitigate risk and ensure members receive the value-based care they deserve.”

Willett, with decades of experience in health care and long-term care advocacy and budget work, will advise clients on the support of key legislative and regulatory issues, and provide counsel on the procurement of valuable state and local contracts for their clients’ goods and services. They will also work with clients to improve their relationship with elected officials and help promote their important advocacy agenda before key policymakers. Finally, they will help clients understand and navigate the legislative, regulatory and budget process to help them achieve their goals before key policy makers.

ANSEGA will also help executive management navigate changes being advanced by public and private stakeholders in MLTC plans. Some of its additional services will include value-based contracting guidance, payment model and premium management, business intelligence to overcome regulatory hurdles and close gaps in care, and comprehensive techniques to maximize value.

Matt Lesieur has a distinguished 20-year career in healthcare policy, advocacy, and lobbying before New York State government. At Willett Public Affairs, he advises clients on healthcare policy issues, and serves as the Executive Director and consultant of iHealth, a statewide collaboration of community-based care management agencies. Recently he was appointed to the HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York.

Andrew Segal brings over 20 years of Medicaid Managed Care experience. In 2018, he generated $350M in Long Term Care savings under the Governor's Medicaid Global Spending Cap for the $12.4B Long-Term Care program.


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