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The Battle for Control of the State Senate - Are You Prepared for the Outcome?

If Phil Rizzuto were still around, he might be saying, "Holy Cow." He might also be saying, "What the hell is going on in this country?" What a primary election, overall. The governor's race was predictable, Assembly primaries - fairly predictable, and the Attorney General's primary race in the end turned out pretty predictable, too. But the state Senate? Holy Cow. For the essential numbers and a concise analysis, read State & Broadway's memo, which can be found reproduced on this website. But what happened in the state senate primaries is a much different story, emblematic of what's happening in this country, something both good and bad, and a clear indication of larger political trends that we ignore at our peril.

But alas the primaries are done. For a good analysis of the upcoming state Senate races in the general election, where control of the Senate is in play, read City & State's recent prognostication here.

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