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Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary

We are celebrating Willett Public Affairs' two-year anniversary this month! Time flies and both the firm and world have experienced much in these past two years, to say the least. And while we may be a relatively new firm, our principals are anything but new to the advocacy game:  founder Perry M. Ochacher and SVP Matt Lesieur are seasoned government affairs professionals who have worked the Capital for decades.

So on this august occasion, as we reflect on our success and growth these last two years, we'd  like to thank our clients who have made our success possible:

Clark Patterson Lee

Creative Living Development Inc.

Multistate Associates Inc.

iHealth NYS

New York Chiropractic Council

New York Electrical Contractors Association

Pratt Landing Partners LLC

Sensys Gatso USA

Subcontractors Trade Association

VillageCare New York

Waitlist Zero

Wireless Infrastructure Association

We are grateful to all our clients and are honored to represent them.

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