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Willett Public Affairs will guide your business or trade association proactively to engage in the state or local legislative/regulatory process, to give it a competitive advantage.

Our experience, knowledge, rep
utation, and network of relationships will make the difference in helping your business or trade association meet its public policy objectives.

Willett Public Affairs LLC.
Willett Public Affairs LLC.


We can help your business, association, or not-for-profit secure critical public funding for its important projects, whether through competitive grants or state/local budgeting.


The state and local procurement process in New York is complex and filled with potential pitfalls. We can guide your firm around these pitfalls and help you win valuable state and local contracts for your company’s unique goods and services. 

Willett Public Affairs LLC.
Willett Public Affairs LLC.


Knowledge is power. And the power of political knowledge can often translate into increased market share, a thriving trade association, or a business that leaves its competitors in the dust.  With a network of political relationships that is wide as it is deep, Willett Public Affairs can supply your organization with the key political intelligence that will give it an edge over the competition.


We have deep experience in association management, helping our clients with messaging on key issues, membership outreach, recruitment, and other forms of communication. We can help favorably position your firm or organization before its target audience and distinguish your company or association’s brand, making it a leader in its chosen field.

Willett Public Affairs LLC.
Willett Public Affairs LLC.


Whether you are acquiring a residential parcel, planning a commercial development, requesting a zone change or securing a critical regulatory permit, Willett Public Affairs can help. We are experienced in all facets of the land use process in New York, and understand the critical interplay between local politics and municipal land use decision-making. We can help shorten the timeframe between initial project presentation and groundbreaking.  


Real Estate Legal Services

Perry M. Ochacher, Esq. is also an experienced real estate and land use attorney, and serves as Of Counsel to Aldo Vitagliano, P.C., a Westchester-based commercial law firm with a focus on general real estate and property development matters. 

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