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Willett Public Affairs, representing Save Lives Now New York, is thrilled to report that our priority bill for 2022, the New York Living Donor Support Act, was just signed into law by Governor Hochul. This groundbreaking, new law will create incentives for increased living organ donation in New York, and consequently save lives. It will also establish New York as a national leader on living organ donation policy. We wish to congratulate our client Save Lives Now New York on this significant accomplishment!

For Immediate Release: 12/29/2022

GOVERNOR HOCHUL SIGNS NEW YORK STATE LIVING DONOR SUPPORT ACT INTO LAW Legislation (S.1594/A.146A) Provides State Reimbursement to Living Organ Donors from New York State For Expenses Incurred as Result of Donation Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation (S.1594/A.146A) into law, enacting the New York State Living Donors Support Act, the first state program in the nation allowing individuals to be reimbursed for the costs of kidney and liver donations. "There is no greater gift a New Yorker can give than the gift of saving a life," Governor Hochul said. "Living organ donors are true heroes, and with this legislation, we are taking meaningful steps to support their sacrifice and save lives." Legislation (S.1594/A.146A) amends the public health, tax, and social services laws to enact the "New York State Living Donor Support Act," which would establish a program to cover extra costs associated with organ donation for New York residents who donate to a fellow New Yorker. It works to eliminate financial barriers to organ donation to reduce wait times for organ transplants and address the organ shortage in New York. This legislation is intended to help eliminate barriers to organ donation, in order to bring New York up from its low rank in organ donation among states. There are currently 8,569 people on transplant wait lists, 7,234 of whom are awaiting a kidney. State Senator Gustavo Rivera said, "I want to thank Governor Hochul for signing my bill, The New York State Living Donor Support Act, into law. By removing financial barriers and educating New Yorkers about living organ donation, this important effort will help reverse New York's low organ donor registration rates, where we rank almost last at the national level. With expanded assistance for those inspired to become organ donors, I am confident this new law will help more New Yorkers give and receive the gift of life." Assemblymember Richard Gottfried said, "Living donors, such as people who donate one kidney, deserve our gratitude and support. We should protect them by making sure they are covered for medical expenses and lost income. I thank Governor Hochul for signing this bill into law and the organ donation advocates, Speaker Heastie, Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Senate sponsor Gustavo Rivera for their efforts moving it forward." ###

Additional news available at New York State | Executive Chamber | | 518.474.8418

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