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Ochacher Leads Electrical Contractor Delegation to Lobby on County Airport

Willett Solutions secured a successful meeting with the entire Democratic caucus of the Westchester County Board of Legislators this week on behalf of the New York Electrical Contractors Association, Westchester Fairfield Division (NYECA-WF) over matters related to reasonable improvements and modernization to the aging county airport.

Leading the delegation was Willett Solutions founder Perry Ochacher who said, "It was important for county legislators to hear from the business community, particularly construction and electrical contractors, about how a modern, local airport plays a key role in the local economy,"

The airport is also a major source of contracting work for local and union electrical contractors.

"We wanted to remind county legislators about NYECA-WF's important role in building and maintaining the airport.," Ochacher added.

Westchester County Board of Legislators Meeting Chamber, April 15, 2019, left to right: Chris Mandler, DavidWardell, Perry Ochacher, Richard Wishnie, Peter Borducci, Jr., Doug Winston, Peter Rescigno

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