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Willett Public Affairs Achieves Passage of Major Legislation During 2021 Legislative Session

Willett Public Affairs successfully lobbied for the passage of two major bills during the 2021 legislative session: the Construction Industry Public Contracting Advisory Council bill (S.4323-C/A.6232-C) and the New Rochelle Parkland Alienation and Economic Development bill (S.7184/A.8014). Both of these bills represent major accomplishments for the firm and its clients.

The Advisory Council bill will for the first time bring together legislators, regulators, construction contractors and subcontractors, labor and other stakeholders to address the many challenges in the public contracting process in New York. These vexing, complex contractual issues have for many years caused problems and inequities for construction contractors and subcontractors. Willett Public Affairs successfully drafted, negotiated and advocated for the bill’s passage, working closely with its construction industry clients, other trade groups and legislators/staff to pass this bill in record time under challenging circumstances, never wavering to get the job done.

The New Rochelle Parkland Alienation bill will help facilitate a major economic development opportunity for the City of New Rochelle, create public waterfront access, allow for significant environmental remediation at Echo Bay, and preserve/rehabilitate the New Rochelle Armory. The bill will help the City of New Rochelle in realizing an exciting and transformational vision for the community and the region. Willett helped draft this complex bill, working with a local municipality, state regulatory agencies and several state legislators to craft a creative land-use solution to help facilitate a major local development opportunity, and then lobbied assiduously to pass the bill before the legislature recessed for the year.

Willett Public Affairs thanks its clients, the various local and state public officials involved and their staff who worked so hard over the past few weeks to make both these worthy bills a reality. The two bills will be sent to Governor Cuomo for final action soon.

Perry M. Ochacher, President of Willett Public Affairs, noted, “Passage of these bills reflects my guiding principles in founding Willett Public Affairs. If you have a problem, we solve it. If you have a goal, we meet it. No excuses, we get the job done.”

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