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Willett Public Affairs Passes Two Priority Client Bills in 2023 Legislative Session

Updated: Jun 6

Willett Public Affairs is proud to announce that two of our priority bills passed both houses of the NYS Legislature this week! The Construction Advisory Council extender bill (A.6791/S.6787) establishes a construction industry advisory council on public contracting reform. Willett clients Subcontractors Trade Association and New York Electrical Contractors Association will serve on the advisory council representing union construction subcontractors. The Westchester Red Light Camera bill (A.7206/S.7026) authorizes the County of Westchester to establish a county-wide program for adjudications and owner liability related to violations of camera based traffic-control signal indications in the County. Willett worked with the County in advocating for the legislation. Passage of both bills required persistence, creativity, advocacy and diligence, hallmarks of the Willett work ethic.

Willett is very proud of our team and our clients Subcontractors Trade Association, New York Electrical Contractors Association and others for their hard work on getting these two bills across the finish line, and we are happy to end the legislative session on a positive note!

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