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Willett Public Affairs Organizes Successful Lobby Day for Client iHealth

Photo: Kaitlyn Fudge/Alliance for Positive Change

On February 27th, Willett organized a 50-meeting lobby day for our client iHealth. Led by Willett Senior VP Matt Lesieur, two buses of iHealth members traveled to Albany to express opposition to Governor Hochul's proposed cuts to the Health Home program in the State Medicaid budget.

iHealth is a statewide coalition of non-profit community-based organizations that provide care management services in the Medicaid Health Home program. Organizations in this coalition serve some of the neediest, most complex and challenged individuals in the Medicaid program who have multiple chronic health conditions, including HIV, congestive heart failure, obesity, respiratory disease, substance abuse, serious mental illness, and more.

The Executive Budget proposes a $125 million cut in FY 2025-26 to Health Home Care Management, which would be detrimental to the roughly 170,000 New Yorkers who utilize the Health Home program throughout the state.

We are proud of Matt's leadership and hard work in organizing iHealth lobby day, and of Willett Research Associate Anna Torpey's scheduling efforts. We thank the iHealth members and clients who traveled to Albany to share with the Legislature their first-hand experience in the program.

To learn more about Willett and iHealth's advocacy on this matter, please see the following articles:

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