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Docu Film Spotlight: Organ Crisis Explained

Willett Solutions founder and CEO Perry M. Ochacher makes his film debut in You Can’t Take Them With You, a documentary film that delves into the controversial government policies behind the organ shortage crisis in the United States. Current statics reveal 20 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving organ.

Ochacher is featured in the documentary giving expert analysis on organ donation legislation based on his critical role in the 2011 passage of New York’s “Lauren’s Law,” which made it a requirement for New York State driver’s license applicants to complete the organ donor registry, resulting in an increased number of organ donors.

Watch Ochacher in the trailer here.

The lead-up to the passage of “Lauren’s Law” involved Ochacher aggressively representing Save Lives Now New York Foundation, a not-for-profit founded by activists advocating for organ donation.

"Despite the laudable goals of the law, the path to passage was complicated and many important groups were initially not on board with the concept,” Ochacher said.

Ochacher developed the legislative strategy for passage, and successfully advocated for enactment by leading negotiations between key legislators, religious groups, activists and other organ donation organizations.

“It was challenging but ultimately satisfying to help pass a new law that could save a life – maybe even yours one day,” noted Ochacher.

Produced by Skyline Films, You Can’t Take Them With You is slated for release in spring 2019.

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