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Willett Successfully Helps a Healthcare Client Navigate the NYC Bureaucracy

Willett Public Affairs client VillageCare celebrated the reopening of the outdoor patio at their assisted living facility at "46th and 10th'. The patio had been closed for a period of time, due to a number of reasons outside of VillageCare's control. The patio serves as a cherished outdoor space in a congested urban neighborhood, and the residents greatly missed access to it and were eager for it to reopen. In attendance to celebrate the reopening were residents, staff and elected officials.

Willett was able successfully to assist VillageCare in navigating the often byzantine New York City government bureaucracy to allow them full access to their patio. “Our sincere thanks go out to the staff of Willett Public Affairs, for your groundwork and steadfast guidance, in assisting us to get our rooftop patio deck reopened,” said Sandy D. Freeland, Senior Vice President and Program Operations/Administrator of VillageCare at 46 and Ten.

Thank you to New York State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal, Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and New York City Councilman Erik Bottcher for working with Willett Public Affairs to get VillageCare the help they needed to make this happen!

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